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Snow Oyster Mushroom Culture Plate

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Species difficulty Beginner
Culture format Agar plate
Lab skills Intermediate- Advanced
Shelf life 12 months (refrigerated)

Plate cultures are ideal for growers looking to make master bags, inoculate grain, make liquid culture, or make more plates.

Our snow oyster plates are made to order in our in-house lab using medical-grade petri dishes. If properly stored upon arrival, they have a shelf life of approximately 6 months. Snow oyster plates should be stored in the refrigerator to maintain viability. Note that mycelium cultures require basic lab

Pleurotus ostreatus. A vigorous, high-yield commercial strain that produces very dense clusters of fleshy, firm, pure white caps. They have a sweeter flavor and aroma than other oysters and hold their shape and texture when cooked. This strain performs very well during the coldest months of the year but is not recommended for outdoor warm weather production.